Яхтенная школа. Яхта вод парусами.

~Sailing ~

Become a Yacht Captain


What are we teaching?

a sailing yacht

a motor yacht

a catamaran

VHF (short range)
radio training


Швартовка яхты
The most beautiful bays
Рассветы на яхте
unforgettable sunrises
командная работа
морское братство
Maritime Brotherhood
идти к горизонту
to the horizon
рыбалка с яхты
петешествие на яхте с семьей
прибрежные ресторанчики
Coastal restaurants
швартовки в маринах
Moorings in marinas
Красивейшие бухты
The most
beautiful bays

What is the RESULT?

AFTER the training, you will receive


international certification to skipper a sailing yacht up to 24 meters, up to 20 nm offshore, at day and night.

Get your skipper license and travel around the world on a yacht!

IF you already have maritime experience we can offer advanced programmes:

advanced programmes

Our approach

The main problem of most sailing schools is their commitment to the old system of education: students are overloaded with theory. And by the time you go to sea, the necessary knowledge has time to completely disappear from your head.

We at Interparus decided to follow the path of maximum efficiency and benefit for students. The best Western schools (eg DHH or Les Glenans) give their students only the bare minimum of theory, devoting most of their time to practice. And this is reasonable, because new knowledge is much faster and more firmly fixed in memory when it is intensively applied in practice under the supervision of an experienced instructor who is always ready to support and insure.

Also, the experience that we adopted from the old European schools is to start training on yachts no larger than 40 feet. This allows novice cadets not to be afraid of the yacht, and to feel its size.»

Sasha Goron, founder of Interparus

Саша Горон

~Our Team ~

interparus instructors

Алексей Бурлаков инструктор яхтенной школы

Oleksii Burlakov

Senior Instructor

An excellent skipper-instructor and an experienced specialist in family yacht cruises. Videographer, journalist and soul of the Interparus channel on YouTube.

Саша Горон инструктор яхтенной школы

Sasha Goron

Interparus team skipper

Our main dreamer and inspirer, the person thanks to whom all this became a reality, the founder of the sailing school INTERPARUS.

Константин Рогозин инструктор яхтенной школы

Kostiantin Rogozin


Since childhood, in sailing, with thousands of miles of charter and racing behind him, he has graduated many students. Leading instructor of the Interparus school.

Юрий Константировский инструктор яхтенной школы

Yuri Konstantinovsky


Experienced skipper, specializes in handling large yachts. An excellent mechanic, he knows the device of the yacht like no one else. Chief of our base in Montenegro.

Юрий Константировский инструктор яхтенной школы

Denis Demchina

Trainee Instructor

A professional sailor with seven years of experience in the merchant marine, he served as second mate. Experienced navigator.

Константин Богатков инструктор яхтенной школы

Konstantin Bogatkov


Skipper and experienced yachting instructor. Knows the Dodecanese and Turkey from Finike to Cesme better than his own apartment.

~What to start with?~

Inshore Skipper course

обучение в яхтенной школе


APPLY to Interparus School

Leave an application HERE or on the page of the course you are interested in, and become a cadet of our school and a full member of the Interparus Club.



Complete 10 lessons of the theory course in the classroom or on-line. This is not a recording, in the process of learning you are constantly doing exercises and acquiring real knowledge.



Strengthen your skills with a course of intensive sea practice, a week at one of our bases. Groups of 2-3 cadets, individual approach.


Теперь ты

Get an Inshore Skipper certificate and you will be able to drive your own yacht or rent yachts anywhere in the world. We issue perpetual rights.


Theory course program

The course is conducted both face-to-face in the classroom and on-line in the format of constant interactive communication with the instructor.

The course includes the necessary materials for the qualification of the inshore skipper and the VHF radio operator.

  • the device of a sailing yacht and marine terminology;
  • determining the location of the vessel;
  • navigation;
  • route planning;
  • IALA system;
  • yacht management;
  • tides, ebbs and flows;
  • COLREG - 72 (international rules for avoiding collisions between ships);
  • navigation, work with a sea chart and orientation in the sea;
  • anchoring;
  • VHF - the course of the radio operator and maritime communications;
  • sea knots.

No cramming! Only the necessary knowledge

яхтенная школа Черногория, обучение капитанов яхт
теория яхтинга онлайн, парусная школа Интерпарус
Обучение яхтингу, права международного класса, школа ISSA

Maritime practice formats


The traditional format of the weekly intensive sailing practice adopted in most modern yachting schools.

The only difference is that we limit our crew to 3 cadets on the yacht, instead of the usual 6-8.

As a result, you get more attention from the instructor and much more opportunities to control the boat and work out all the necessary exercises.

Usually, we use small yachts up to 40 feet, a smaller displacement allows cadets to quickly master the skills of mooring.

In this format of practice, the instructor and cadets live on the yacht and follow the training route.



The premium format of the weekly course is more typical for large European schools such as DHH or Les Glenans.

Master Pro is an individual intensive during which the cadets work as closely as possible with the instructor. Therefore, we allow no more than 2 cadets per yacht.

Cadets live in hotel on the shore* not far from the home marina. Twice a day, the group goes to sea for intensive practical skills training.

Master Pro training is now available at our bases Interparus ATLANTIQUE in La Rochelle and Interparus Adriatique in Porto Montenegro.

* the hotel is not included in the cost of sea practice;

CHECK a Price >>

Our bases of practice

яхтенная школа в Турции


яхтенная школа в черногории

Porto Montenegro

яхтенная школа  в греции


яхтенная школа во франции

La Rochelle

яхтенная школа во франции
школа яхтенных капитанов
обучение яхтингу - морская практика

Maritime Practice Program

Intensive practical course for the level of skipper and VHF radio operator.

Maritime practice is carried out in groups of up to 3 people on the Mediterranean Sea: Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, as well as on the Atlantic: France - La Rochelle.

  • arrangement of a sailing yacht;
  • safety and rules on board;
  • rigging and marine knots;
  • preparation of the yacht before going to sea;
  • driving a yacht under the engine;
  • stern mooring, entry and exit from the marina;
  • lag mooring and refueling of the yacht;
  • yacht sailing;
  • setting the sails, courses to the wind;
  • turns and maneuvers under sail, the basics of sail setting;
  • corrugation (reduction of the sail area) and preparation of the yacht for increased wind;
  • fine tuning of sails;
  • orientation at sea and creating the route on the map;
  • anchoring the sailboat;
  • mooring the sailboat;
  • night sailing.

Only MODERN yachts!


~Inshore Skipper~

Theory course

290 €

The course of theoretical training takes place in On-Line mode. This is not a recording, but a constant live dialogue with the instructor.

Classes are conducted according to the author's program Interparus Sailing School

Groups up to 5 people.
The course includes 10 lessons of 2 hours + Exams.

Classes are taught by certified ISSA instructors


Maritime practice

1560 €

The Master’s intensive practical course in mediterranean sea, on the level of the inshore skipper of the sailing-motor yacht and the radio operator VHF.

3 cadets on a yacht.
Yacht accommodation.

7 days of sailing practice at one of our bases - and you are ready to take the helm of the yacht on your own.

* ship's cash desk is not included in the price

2560 €

Master-Pro individual intensive for the level of a skipper of a sailing and motor yacht and a VHF radio operator.

Only 2 cadets on a yacht. Maximum attention from the instructor.

7 days of sea practice in La Rochelle (France) or Porto Montenegro (Montenegro).

*hotel is not included


ISSA certification

190 €

As a result of training, you receive an ISSA Inshore Skipper certificate, as well as an ISSA VHF Short Range Certificate as a radio operator.

ISSA certification gives the right to sail a motor-sailing yacht up to 24m long, both in the daytime and at night, at a distance of up to 20nm from the shore.

We issue Indefinite skipper certificates, they do not need to be renewed every 5 years.


Feedback from our CLIENTS

advanced programmes

If you want to develop your skipper skills,
we can offer a number of advanced training programs.

maneuver training

Маневр тренинг - обучаем швартоваться в любых условиях

You have already studied at other schools, but mooring and moving in the marina cause a little stress? Or have you not gone to sea for a long time and would like to restore your skills?

The matter is fixable. Especially for this case, we have developed a training course for maneuvers and practicing all types of mooring in the marina. Anchoring and buoying.

After 5 days of maneuver training in La Rochelle marina, you will learn how to moor in any wind and during strong tidal currents.


catamaran course

катамаран курс - обучение управлению катамараном

These beautiful double hull yachts are becoming more and more popular in the world and their victorious march is unstoppable.

If you take a multihull cruise even once, you will truly fall in love with them. Interparus is the leading dealer of these wonderful boats in the eastern market and for more than 7 years we have been training cadets on catamarans.

Features of maneuvers in the marina, changing tacks and anchoring on a catamaran - all this you will pass on our catamaran course.


Gennaker course

геннакер курс - обучаем обращаться с downwind парусами

It is easy to make a yacht go fast in a strong wind. What about when you have wonderful sunny weather with a light breeze?

Friends will come to your aid: a gennaker (aka an asymmetric spinnaker) and a sail with the spy name Code Zero.

But don't be afraid of them. You will master the features of Downwind sails in 5 days of sailing practice.

The course is conducted on our Interparus Atlantique meringue in La Rocelle (France).


Diesel course

курс не бойся дизеля, как приручить яхтенный дизельный двигатель

Do you still think that by cutting off the mass on the battery you will stop the presumptuous diesel? Naive. But do not despair, it is not necessary to be a starmech to know this and other features of the creation of the great Rudolf Diesel.

How to solve minor breakdowns, how to change the oil yourself - you will learn all this in the 2-day course "Do not be afraid of diesel", and you will tame this terrible beast.


Captain Mentor

Выход в море с капитаном наставником - услуга капитан "кранец"

Still afraid to go to sea on your own? Feeling lack of experience or you just haven't sailed in a while...

Embark on your first cruise with a mentor captain. You independently develop the route and pass it with an experienced skipper on safety net.

This will help to avoid possible mistakes that lie in wait for beginners, and hone the skills of managing a yacht in the “field” conditions.


Our fleets

фотилии выпускников щколы Интерпарус

It's fun to walk across the open spaces together! Especially if you have open sea in front of you.

Flotillas of young skippers - graduates of the international yachting school INTERPARUS - this is a cheerful company, friendly support and exciting adventures in the most beautiful regions of the planet. Do not miss the chance to go on a new route with friends and like-minded people. This is the easiest way to gain skipper experience under the guidance of an experienced flotilla commander.



It's time to take the helm in your hands and go forward,
for the call of your heart!

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What materials will I receive during the theoretical course?


If I could not come to a theoretical lesson, will they work with me individually?


What kind of skipper certificates do you issue?


How long does training take in general?


How many students are on one yacht in maritime practice?


If not the whole group will meet, will the training be carried out?


I heard that many yachting schools teach on old yachts? How are things with you?


A week of practice ... But isn't it enough? Seen other schools offer 10 or even two weeks.


Will we visit many places during practice? Who chooses the route?


If the spouse wants to be trained as a sailor during practice, is it possible?


What will I have to pay extra for internship?


How long do I have to wait for my certification after the practical exam?